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See the truth about you 🤥

Discover who you really are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Understand your personality 🤷‍♀️, what you sound like 👨‍🎤, what kind of photos and captions you post 🤳, who your best friends are 👋, what you should delete and more.

Thanks to new data laws and our powerful AI , analyze your social media like a jealous ex.

...with fun, shareable stories

You've posted on 243 peoples Facebook Timelines including: 73 posts on Jennifer Chu's wall, 57 posts on Bobby Murphy's wall, and 45 posts on David Sousa's wall.

that highlight who you are on the products you use every day...

And for power users... powerful personal analytics

It's time to be data driven about what really matters... you.

Whether you model 💃, vlog 📹, comment, or barely even post, answer the questions that interest you most.

Who posts on your Facebook Timeline?

Destroy your dark side before it destroys you.

Protect your reputation with a clean slate.

The internet may be written in ink, but we have the whiteout. The world has changed a lot since the Internet started, so destroy your shit that's antiquated.

More than 90% of users have said something offensive online. It's time to Marie Kondo your digital life.

Answer hundreds of questions about you including...

Who likes and comments on your posts?

Who do you stalk and follow?
Who are your best friends?

What kind of photos and captions do you post?

What videos and channels do you binge?

What do you search for?
What ads do you click?

What do you sound like and talk about?

What have you done? Who have you forgot?

What do you browse online?

Since the 90s, much of your life has been online.

Finally, get 2020 clarity on who that is with a trip down memory lane.

Your data online would be thousands of pages printed.

We built a fun new way to understand this massive data.

The average user has over 20GB of data spread across multiple platforms. We built petabyte-scale analytics powerful enough for influencers ✨, creators, and vloggers to derive complex insights, but simple enough for everyone to understand who they are without combing thru massive .

God mode for your social media.

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