Meet Your AI super twin: sounds like you

The world's most helpful AI mimics you by understanding 20+ years of who you are. Trained on you and backed by GPT4, your AI twin saves you time everyday.

  • Writes like you, not AI It copies your writing style perfectly, from your favorite sayings to your unique humor, making its responses sound indistinguishable from you.

  • Perfect in every context It knows how you sound socially vs professionally so it can draft a formal email to a colleague or a casual message with a friend.

  • Personalizes responses It uses your own experiences and memories to make responses feel genuinely yours, referencing past events or personal connections when needed.

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Unicorn AI twin writer

Your AI twin is personal but always private

Your AI twin is designed to intimately understand you and be your partner by improving your writing and response capabilities 10x, no matter who you are.

  • Your data stays yours Your AI twin is uniquely yours, trained only with your data. This means your information isn't shared or mixed with others.

  • We won't sell your data Our sole purpose is to help you save time.
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Cloning you has never been so easy

  1. Download your data

  2. Import your data

  3. Unleash your twin to write


It is our belief that the most useful AI is the one that is made just for you.

Your AI twin has all the same skills that ChatGPT does, but is additionally trained on your data. As many of our users claim, this is like "ChatGPT on crack".

Once you upload your data from various networks, the AI is fine tuned on yoru data to replicate your writing style, including your favorite sayings, humor, and unique expressions, and then mimics these patterns in its responses. This makes the AI's writing seem as if it's coming directly from you.

It takes approximately < 1 day for most users to get their data exported from popular networks

From a regulatory perspective, GDPR and CCPA are relatively recent legislations, so the option to export your data is still a fairly novel concept. Additionally, AGI (artificial general intelligence) is a relatively new concept. We blend these two technologies to build you an AI that's highly personalized.