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Authenticating with a service provider (e.g. Facebook) simply identifies you on our platform. View Terms »

The truth about you.

Be woke about yourself with the most powerful personal analytics, ever.

Understand your own data the way that Google and Facebook do. Thanks to a new regulation, your data is yours.

You've posted on 243 peoples Facebook Timelines including: 73 posts on Jennifer Chu's wall, 57 posts on Bobby Murphy's wall, and 45 posts on David Sousa's wall.

What did you say?!

Destroy your dark side before it destroys you.

We’ve all posted things we probably shouldn’t have. Some of us have spent our entire lives online, posting every day (and night).

We use machine learning to discover potentially offensive or hateful content you or your friends may have created, so you can wipe content that’s become antiquated.

Read how Kevin Hart tweeted himself out of a job hosting the Oscars »

What do you sound like?

Answers, by AI. Understand your personality, tone, sentiment, and more.

Use the most powerful analytics ever to analyze your life by sentiment, time, or whatever. With fun little stats like how many ads you’ve clicked, you can see why companies are turning us into addicts.

Sub-second filters over terabytes of data - that’s the kinda scale we support even in beta.

What have you done online?

Take a stroll down memory lane with fun, shareable stories about your life.

Stories that answer over 100 of life's important questions:

  • > What kind of photos do you post?
  • > Are your posts positive or negative?
  • > Who likes your content?
  • > What do your Facebook posts sound like?
  • > What days of the week do you waste the most time?
  • > What Youtube videos do you binge on?

How big is your data?

Monster Sized! Thousands of pages if you printed it.

With more than ~2 gigabytes of data spread across multiple platforms, analyzing your life across these platforms on your own would be difficult. The machine learning at HEY is designed to gather your data and deliver it to you with the stories, charts, graphs, and more that you need to understand everything you’ve ever done online.


We’re a team of engineers from companies like Google and Facebook. We helped build the tools that those platforms use for analytics and advertising.

We’re working to give you as much access to your data as Google and Facebook have.


Democratize access, understanding, and moentization of data.

The builders

Our team comes from Silicon Valley and surrounding areas and many of the biggest companies.

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