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The story of your life.

See everything you've done on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Thanks to a new regulation, analyze your life like a data whore.

Your data should've always been yours. But as the Internet grew like a hockey stick, regulators remained thick. Meanwhile companies got us to share all our shit by providing cute filters and dopamine hits.

Delete your dark side. Protect future you.

The world's changed a lot and you probably have too, but there's ink in your past that's no longer you. We'll help you discover the offensive shit you may have said, so you can delete this garbage and move on ahead.

Answer the important questions.

Now the key to liking data is making it simple and fun, so we've made shareable cards about your life hun. Whether you model, vlog, comment, or barely post, answer the questions that interest you most:
  • What kind of photos do you post?
  • Are your posts positive or negative?
  • Who likes your content?
  • What days of the week do you waste the most time?
  • What Youtube videos do you binge on?

Analyze your
Facebook usage like Zuck. YouTube content like PewdiePie. IG likes like a Kardashian. Google search like a jealous ex. Internet usage like a data guru.

Analyze your Internet usage like a data guru.

We built the most comprehensive personal analytics ever, so you can analyze your life by sentiment, time, or whatever. We show you stats like how many ads you've clicked so you can see why companies are turning us into addicts. It's interesting in a world obsessed with analyzing every sport and business, there's so few tools for understanding digital wellness.

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