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The truth about you.

Be woke about yourself with the most powerful personal analytics, ever.

See and understand everything you've done across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and the rest of the internet. Thanks to a new regulation, your data is yours.
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Your most watched video on YouTube is "Charlie bit my finger" which you've watched 204 times.

Actions Analyzed
+ million
Evils Discovered
+ million
Stories Told
+ million

Destroy your dark side.

You said what?!

The world’s changed a lot since the internet began, so let’s discover the dumb shit you’ve said (wo) man.

We use machine learning to discover potentially offensive or hateful content you or your friends may have created, so you can wipe content that’s become antiquated.

Understand your personality, actions, sentiment, tone, and more.

Who are you? Answers powered by AI.

Use the most powerful analytics ever to analyze your life by sentiment, time, or whatever. With fun little stats like how many ads you’ve clicked, you can see why companies are turning us into addicts.

Sub-second filters over terabytes of data - that’s the kinda scale we support even in beta.

Take a stroll down memory lane.

Fun, shareable stories about your life.

Stories that answer over 100 of life's important questions:
  • What kind of photos do you post?
  • Are your posts positive or negative?
  • Who likes your content?
  • What days of the week do you waste the most time?
  • What Youtube videos do you binge on?

Your data is YUGE. Thousands of pages if you printed it.

Understand your content and usage on everything you use today with the dashboard you wish companies gave.

The average user has over 2GB of data on our platform across multiple products making it near impossible to understand or go thru. Our platform gives you the right visualizations to make it easy to understand your content and usage on today's top products.

> Motivation

We're former engineers from companies like Google and Facebook who previously built analytics and advertising tools to help these companies understand and monetize their data.

We quickly realized that consumers have no way of understanding the data they've produced on these often dopamine fueled services, and wanted to provide those same tools to individuals.

> Mission

Democratize access, understanding, and moentization of data.

> The builders

Like every other bay area startup, our team hails from places like:

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