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Authenticating with a service provider (e.g. Facebook) simply identifies you on our platform. View Terms »

Understanding a company's data policy should be simple.

What do we do with your data?

To understand this, you should understand how a company makes money. We will offer paid services (i.e. premium analytics). Your non personally identifiable information may be used to answer market analytics questions such as "What percentage of the world said something offensive last year?" or "What day of the week do people comment most?" on our platform. Your personally identifiable information will only be used to answer analytics for yourself.

How do we store your data?

Your processed data is stored in Google BigQuery which is encrypted from the rest of the world. To protect you from hacks or bad actors on our side, any user generated field that may contain PII (personally identifiable information) is stored using a two-way AES cipher and only unhashed when you request analytics.

What do you do with your raw data dumps (.zip) files ?

Any raw data dumps will be automatically deleted within 30 days of being processed. This means if we add new analytics that requires raw data, you will have to unfortunately re-import your data.

How do we process your data?

  • 1 We use Firebase's Javascript SDK to import data to a private Google Cloud Storage bucket only accessible to our machines.
  • 2 Our algorithms will then download your data to a Google Compute Engine instance, where we will unzip your data and generate metadata (e.g. sentiment, offensiveness, tone) using first-party services. We also use two third-party services: IBM Watson to generate personality insights, and Google Cloud Language to generate entities.
  • 3 The metadata is then uploaded to Google BigQuery key-d against an obfuscated user id.
  • 4 The raw data is immediately deleted from the Google Compute Engine Instance.
  • 5 The zipped raw data will delete within 30 days from the private Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

What if I want to delete my uploaded data?

If you want to delete your data, after logging in visit: My Data. You can access your "My data" tab thru the logged in menu bar. You can delete any upload version on any network. This will trigger an immediate job to delete your data everywhere: from BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and any temporary caches.

I have another question.

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