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Authenticating with a service provider (e.g. Facebook) simply identifies you on our platform. You will still have to follow instructions to import data for each network you want analytics for. View Terms »

Serious moolah for the time you wasted spent online.

We built a marketplace so you can sell or move your data to other companies and new services. Earn real money for the time you've spent online by picking exactly what and to whom you want to sell your data to. Thanks to a new regulation, your data is yours.

Congrats 🙌 💰

You've just been paid $29 for your data from 2 companies.

You've sold your Facebook Ads click data, as well as your Google Search History.

As always, we've removed any personally identifiable information from this data.

$ paid out.

"Data is the new oil."
"Data is the new electricity."

Then pay me for mine, son.

Silicon Valley loves to say stuff like "Data is the new oil". If that were true, we, the people should get paid out for producing most of it! Now, you can 🤑.

Now, you can earn money for the time you've spent online by directly sharing your data with interested advertisers & products.

> + companies interested in buying your data.

For Users

Sell your data, not your Identity.

We remove any personally identifiable information (PII) from your data so you can sell your data without compromising your or your friends identities.

We use powerful deep-learning based PII redaction to ensure any personally identifiable information is removed.
For Companies

Build what's next.

Whether you're improving ad models, personalizing experiences, or building the next big consumer thing, get access to clean data. Thanks to our data portability platform, you can now compete with bigger companies.

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Let's end data lockup.

Thank you, next.

Facebook statuses taught me love.
Instagram likes taught me patience.
Youtube comments taught me pain.
Now my data's so amazing.